Top 6 Reasons For Team Building at Escape This Frederick

Corporate Team Building at Escape Rooms

Escape rooms offer the ultimate team-building experience. Our escape rooms are perfect for corporate team building and enhance synergy in the workplace. By placing employees in a high-pressure environment where they must rely on each other to succeed, the result is a cohesive team that works together more effectively.

When you escape one of our rooms, you’ll find that communication and teamwork happen naturally within the group. Different team members will step up to lead at different times, and everyone will work together to find solutions. There’s no better way to get co-workers collaborating and interacting outside of the workplace than our escape rooms!

How Do Corporate Escape Room Events Work?

Groups of 6-12 will be assigned to each escape room and we can accommodate up to 34 players per hour. We have the unique Face-Off it is the first and only head-to-head competition escape room in the area, with 2 identical rooms (6 players in each room, max of 12 players) with the same clues, puzzles, and decoration, but only one team wins. We will brief each group with rules and storylines for each of the rooms. You’ll then have 1 hour and everyone must work together to solve puzzles and ultimately complete the mission. Our games are challenging and very mentally stimulating but don’t require any physical exertion.

What Does Escape This Frederick Offer Corporate Teams?

Corporate groups have the opportunity to maximize efficiency in the workplace through an escape room event with Escape This Frederick. The experience is unique and completely immersive –unlike traditional team-building activities. Also, it only takes one hour to complete.

All types of organizations enjoy escape room events. We have hosted team-building events for companies as large and diverse as AstraZeneca, Thermo Fisher, and Leidos (all of which are returning clients) as well as small businesses from an array of industries. Our location offers private escape room events for corporate groups, and we have a spacious lobby that you can be used for after-action reviews, lunch, or corporate parties plus free parking right in front of our doors. We offer special rates for corporate events depending on the size of your group.

5 reasons to team build at Escape This Frederick.


When employees have problems to solve together, communication is essential. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems in the workplace is unclear communication or the lack of communication. Escape rooms offer the perfect opportunity for employees to work together to solve an immediate problem. To solve that problem, they must listen and communicate effectively with one another. This will then transition to the workplace and day-to-day tasks will begin running much smoother.

2. Team Work increases PRODUCTIVITY

Because escape rooms are exciting, fun, and require teamwork, they also have a way of increasing the overall morale of employees. Increased morale at work leads to the employees being more likely to work together and do their work at a faster and more efficient pace, which increases productivity.

3. Improves PROBLEM-SOLVING skills

Work at the office is often on a cycle; it can get repetitive. This leads to employees getting bored, which is not good for business overall as it reduces their problem-solving skills overall. This is why you want to ensure that employees are energized and engaged, which is where escape rooms come in. Escape rooms require a lot of things, including critical thinking and solid problem-solving skills. Therefore, your employees will need to knock their creativity and ability to think outside the box up a notch.


Because escape rooms require communication, working with one another, and even relying on each other, employees will develop relationships during this experience. Those that do not know each other will get to know one another and those that aren’t very familiar with one another will get to know each other a bit better.

5. Helps define ROLES within the company

As your employees go through the escape room experience, they will learn things about themselves—and you may even learn some things about them as well. These things that are learned will essentially help them identify their role within the company. For example, some employees are really good at solving problems, some are good at leading, and some are good at analyzing. Whatever the case may be, the experience may help them realize that they are in the wrong position at the company and motivate them to apply for a new position or vice versa.

6. It’s FUN!

Team building in escape rooms is going to bring fun memories and experiences to your group that is not work-related. Memories that will help you later on at work. Helping your team solve problems at work and intense situations.

If you think you’re ready to take your team-building event to the next level, make sure you contact us with any requests.

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