Mob Boss

Retrieve the diamond from the mafia!

Mob Boss

Embark on a daring mission to retrieve one of the world’s largest diamonds, stolen by the mob and hidden in the mob boss’s office. With no evidence found by the police, it’s up to you to stealthily enter the office during their routine checkup. You have 60 minutes to locate and steal back the diamond before the mob returns. Act swiftly and smartly to avoid being caught in this high-stakes heist adventure. Will you succeed in outsmarting the mob and securing the precious gem?

Escape Rate
Image of the Mob Boss escape room Frederick MD at Escape This Frederick. Looking at a desk with old furniture.
An image of the Mob Boss escape room. Three players seem excited while looking at a globe and attempting to solve puzzles.
An image of the Mob Boss at Escape This Frederick. Two girls are seen looking into a book and picking up a rotary phone.
An image of the Mob Boss escape room at Escape This Frederick. Looking at an old briefcase on a desk.

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"A great way to spend an hour of your time! The owner was very friendly and attentive to our group, he took time to get to know us and was very helpful as we got ready to play. The reception area was clean and social distancing was expected. The actual escape room was also clean. The Mob Boss room kept four teens and this adult busy and using our brains for an hour and then sometime after figuring out what we could have/should have done instead! The puzzles in the room were complex and interesting. Thank you, looking forward to coming back soon!"
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Robert L.
"Great experience for a long-overdue date night. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The room felt clean and safe. After all, was said and done (with some hints along the way), the diamond was recovered and the mob boss arrested. Can't wait to go back. We booked our next room immediately after completing this one. Highly recommended!"
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Jared P.
"WHAT A THRILL! If you've never done this before, put it on your bucket list! I went with my husband and friends and we had so much fun. We did the Mob Boss room. We ran out of time but we were so close to finishing - we were on the last clue! You won't be disappointed. The owner, Alex, was super with the directions and explaining how everything works. The place was clean and tidy. We can't wait to go back again and try another room."
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Karen C.