Mad Lab (now Retired)

Defuse the Bomb and Save Frederick!

Mad Lab Escape Room Picture

The story

You have been investigating a highly talented biochemical scientist that has been acting strangely recently. Now, he has tried to exit the country and you caught him at the airport smuggling some illegal chemicals. During the interrogation, you found out he has gone mad. He says he has just finished building and arming a biochemical weapon in his mad lab right here in Frederick. Disarming that bomb won’t be an easy task.

The mission

We have given you access to his laboratory. The mad man said we could disarm the bomb if we were to decipher the “impossible” puzzles he left in there for us. Your team is our last hope. We need you to find the biochemical bomb and disarm it before it goes off in this laboratory. Do you have what it takes to save Frederick?

Escape Rate

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"This was an awesome experience! The administers were extremely helpful and the room was creative, yet not too challenging. Whenever we became stumped, the administers helped with very specific and intelligent clues. We did the mad lab room, and it was extremely well decorated and colorful. Would 100% come back! Recommended for everyone passing through Fredrick!"
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Lucy C.
"Our first escape room and it was a blast! We did the Mad Lab scenario, which has challenging clues in a great setup that is immersive. An hour went by quickly because we were having such good fun. We did not complete our challenge but we will be back to complete our mission and try the other rooms. The owner’s friendliness , welcoming waiting area, and prop area for pictures, added to the overall experience. We highly recommend this place!"
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Tatiana and Chris H.
"So much fun! We did the Mad Lab room and had a blast! The puzzles were challenging enough that we needed a couple hints but not too challenging to solve! We solved it with 10 minutes to spare! Are you up for the challenge?"
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Jennifer M.