Escape the prison before your demise!

Cell Block 1

Escape Cell Block 1 in this thrilling escape room experience! Trapped by a rogue tour guide and surrounded by rising flames, you must quickly unravel the secrets left behind by past prisoners who have successfully escaped the cells. This challenging adventure, demands quick thinking and teamwork. Can you beat the clock and escape before the fire engulfs you? Join us to find out if you have what it takes!
(This escape room is difficult for teams of 2, we recommend 4 or more players)

(This room requires at least one person to do some crawling)

Escape Rate
An Image of the Cell Block 1 escape room Frederick MD. Looking into the guard's office through the door with the office blurry in the background.
Image of the Cell Block 1 escape room. Three escape room players inspecting and solving puzzles.
Image of the Cell Block 1 escape room. Two girls inspecting a sink and a badge.
Image of the Cell Block 1 exit door from inside the prison bars.

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"We did the carnival and prison block escape rooms and they were absolutely amazing. Both rooms were very creative and had a lot of decoration to give the room character. Lucy was a fantastic game master and helped us through our adventures!"
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Ryan K.
"Definitely recommend. We had a great time and the people that worked there were great and so very helpful as well. They offered to take a photo of us at the end and I was grateful for that as well. We did the Cell Block 1 and finished it with about 7 minutes remaining. Definitely a great one and a brain teaser! Thanks again!"
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April H.
"We did the new room Cell Block 1 last weekend and escaped with about 8 minutes remaining! We had 3 couples and had so much fun playing. The puzzles are great and the staff is very friendly. We will definitely return again!"
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Theresa M.