Escape Rooms

All rooms are now private at Escape This Frederick, MD!

Cell Block 1 Front Door

Cell Block 1

You’ve taken a tour of the Cell Block 1 experience. The unenthusiastic tour guide seems a little off. Before you know it, he has locked you in the cells and set the place ablaze. You need to escape Cell Block 1! The flames are spreading quickly, and you don’t have much time. Luckily, some prisoners have notoriously broken out of your cell block. Can you figure out the clues to escape Cell Block 1 before the flames devour you?

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Mob Boss Escape Room Picture

Mob Boss

In this 1980’s mob boss office is the diamond you are looking for. The mob has pulled off the heist of the century. The police can’t do anything because they lack the evidence, so it’s up to you and your team to find the Diamond and steal it back. Can you find the diamond before the mob finds you trespassing?
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Agent 101 Escape Room Picture

Agent 101

Jack Black was the NSA’s top agent in cybersecurity. Now he’s the government’s most wanted Spy. He is hell-bent on taking down our computer systems with his super virus. It’s your team’s job of federal agents to stop him from completing his task. (No computer skills needed.)

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Haunted Escape Room Picture


An evil witch’s ghost is tormenting Frederick. Your job as ghost hunters is to enter her 100 year old Victorian house, find, and capture her ghost before midnight or the century old spell will be broken. Can you capture her ghost before she is set free forever? Beware this is a Haunted room! (Not recommended for rookies.)

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Face-Off Escape Room Picture


You’re Trainees at the FBI Academy. There are two identical rooms with the same unsolved crime. White team vs. Black team, only one team wins, the other team gets kicked out of the academy. Compete against your friends, family or co-workers and find out which team has what it takes to solve the mystery and become special agents! This room is a true head to head escape room competition.

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Crime Scene Body Outline

Crime Scene

You are a recent graduate of the FBI academy. It’s your first case and the lead field agent will arrive in one hour. Now is your chance to prove yourself. Can you solve the mystery before the agent arrives or are you destined for a desk job? (Good room for novice players)

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