Capture the witch's ghost before it's too late!

Haunted Escape Room Picture

The story

Almost 100 years ago, there was a ghost of an evil witch tormenting the citizens of Frederick. After many failed attempts to capture the ghost, three powerful witches that practice white magic managed to capture the witch’s ghost. Her ghost was entrapped in an enchanted box undisturbed until some teenagers broke into her haunted home and accidentally let the ghost out.

The mission

This isn’t a friendly neighborhood ghost. She was a master of black magic and she will haunt the people of Frederick. Your job as a ghost hunter is to find her ghost and capture her once again. The original banishing spell is hidden somewhere in her home. Your team will need to cast that spell before midnight. Once her clock hits midnight, the spell is broken, and she’ll be on the loose for another 100 years.

Escape Rate

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"Escape This Frederick was Awesome! We chose the Haunted Room. It was very challenging and thrilling! The establishment is clean and well kept. The staff was friendly, courteous, and attentive. We will definitely be back!"
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Melinda T.
"Always have a great time at Escape This. Today we completed the Haunted room with a few minutes to spare. Each room has its own unique feel and level of difficulty. You can't go wrong with any of them. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Fun and lasting memories. We will be back!"
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Matthew L.
"Did the haunted house escape room tonight- challenging but such a fun room with great clues! I have done one escape room prior to this but this was far superior. Staff was kind and friendly. Excited to try the other rooms they offer!"
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Nikita S.