Agent 101 (now retired)

Stop the hack and save the world!

Formerly known as Cyber Ops

An image of the Agent 101 escape room at Escape This Frederick. The image seems to look through some bars into a server room with "anonymous" mask on display.

The story

Agent 101, The NSA’s top agent in cybersecurity has gone rogue and is now one of the FBI’s most wanted cybercriminals. He has developed a virus powerful enough to infiltrate and takedown the entire governments computer systems.  We have located the source that leads to an abandoned bunker. This is most likely his cyber ops hideout. Our firewalls are holding back the virus but we estimate we only have about one hour left. 

The mission

You need to find a way to infiltrate his bunker. Once inside, you’ll need to get past his security systems and find a way to take down that virus. Everyone is counting on your team, and our time is running out. Do whatever it takes to take stop that virus!

Escape Rate

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"Amazing time there in the new Cyber Ops room. I can't stress enough how much Alex and his team our doing to keep us safe. Private rooms, thorough cleanings between uses. Glad to support this great company during this pandemic."
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Blake P.
"We have been here twice and loved it both times! The owner is so friendly and welcoming! The puzzles are challenging, but super fun! They have excellent procedures in place for COVID and you can be sure that they put your health and safety first! We have done Mob Boss and Cyber Ops. We cannot wait to try another room! Strongly recommend Escape This Frederick!!"
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Emily F.
"This place is great! We have done a few of their rooms and we came to try the new "Cyber Ops" room.... and they did not let us down again! We usually come for date night and occasionally bring family with is. Highly recommend this place for date night, company groups, b-days etc... so much fun!"
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Ashley L.